Health benefits of sports

The Muay Thai is a form of kickboxing Thailand sport which is known as “the art of eight limbs “. This martial art is generally considered more violent and demanding than “normal” kickboxing, thus allowing movements that could be considered illegal in other disciplines, such as elbow blows in the face.

In Muay Thai the four limbs can be used in many ways; this makes it a very interesting and exciting sport to practice. Without a doubt, it is a combat sport, one by one, that requires a lot of agility, fast and agile movements in the ring.
A typical Muay Thai training is usually divided equally between calisthenics, martial arts training and combat. Thanks to this, the practitioners acquire a great amount of athletic qualities and multiple benefits
Do you still have doubts about the health benefits of practicing Muay Thai? Discover the most remarkable benefits of practicing this sport.

  1. Burn lots of calories
    To be effective in Muay Thai you need to run and jump all the time; that just to prepare your body for the hundreds of kicks and knees that you will throw. Thanks to this requirement, an average person can burn about 690 calories in a typical training session of one hour.
  2. Sharpen your reflexes
    You will not be the only one who throws nudges and kicks: you will also have to dodge your opponent’s blows, which means that you will have to react repeatedly quickly. With the multiple options to attack, dodge and defend you must be fast and accurate to choose the best movement. This will make the brain and muscles communicate with each other more efficiently.
  3. Improves the mental and spiritual aspect
    Muay Thai hardens you from within. This helps boost the body’s immune system , providing strength and resistance to the muscles. All this has effects in turn on the mental psyche of a person, which will make him more and more confident in himself and learn to be disciplined.

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