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The muay martial arts of Thailand provide a combat sport that uses various clinching  along with stand -up striking techniques. Try your first lesson by visiting a Muay Thai gym if you want to know whether Muay Thai fits well to you. Television and movies provide a good view of this art but it is only a little philosophy of Muay Thai. And when you will join a camp for learning it, you will realize that Muay Thai is something more than in the ring fights and in the movies. Even the process of training, especially for those wanting to become a professional boxer, requires a lot of dedication and is very hard.

Above all, Muay Thai believes behind the arts and has a lot of history. It is quite disappointing to see that today, even in Thailand, some Thais want to become a boxer only for the reason that they wish to earn money, some Muay Thai camps have been more commercialized now and the worst thing is that most of Thais now keep watching and turn the fight in to a betting game!!!. So it is advised that if you are going to learn Muay Thai, be sure to find out more about its believes, style and history to have more understanding of it.

If you have a background in other kinds of martial arts and wish to learn Muay Thai in order to learn variety of martial arts and gain more experience, them it would be appreciated to have interest in Muay Thai. Your knowledge and background of martial arts will help you in Muay Thai training and it will be easier for you to practice than those who just started. So try to learn Muay Thai believes and philosophy with the art of fight which. This, in our opinion, is necessary at any level for Muay Thai learners.

Similarly, if you are interested in Muay Thai so much that, from the start, you dedicate to the training and have the intentions to teach others after become a master/Kru or grand master of Muay Thai. I would give you no further suggestion as you can be assumed to have made a great commitment to learn Muay Thai. You are highly appreciated for being interested in becoming one of the Muay Thai heritages. However, it is begged to please maintain the Muay Thai philosophy with the art of fight, as well as teach others on whatever you have learnt from Kru, so that people learn Muay Thai “BY HEART” and not only for a fight.

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At first he jotted down the regular routine what he followed those days and still he follows them after returning home but in a modified way. Usually, he started his days in training with few minutes of free hand exercises and Yoga followed by three rounds of regular run, medium weight training, shadow works, pad works, stretches, crunches, sit-ups and push-up sessions, along with special training for Muay Thai core fighting, which helped him to improve his hands and leg muscles’ strength. His trainer asked him to spend around an hour in swimming some times in evening, when he would be free. He had followed a strict diet chart as well, which formed such a transformation in his physic.

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A Muay Thai training camp is an excellent place for those looking to drop few extra pounds and improve their health. First of all, the training classes are managed by true professionals who have knowledge and experience in this field. They can work with any type of students regardless of their goals and age.



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